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About us

Aditya Kumar

Software Engineer & Carroms Champ

The challenges and possibilities of working with ever-changing technologies is what makes this Backend Developer love his job. His playlist makes us suspect he’s a lover of romantic bollywood songs.

Akshay Nagpurkar

Software Engineer & Adventurer

This programmer from Nagpur loves oranges, writing code and loves a wide variety of arts and activities from photography and movies to casino online Slot V, travelling and adventurous road trips.

Antony Maria Infanto

Head – Business Relations & Jack of all things interesting

A veteran sales and client relations professional who keeps a busy schedule at work solving clients’ business problems, and outside of work travelling, daydreaming, playing sports and staying fit physically and spiritually.

Denzil Johnson

Manager – India Sales & Ex-Cricketer

We have an in-house celebrity in this professional cricketer turned account manager. Having been a client services manager before moving to a sales role, he applies client satisfaction as his guiding principle in selling. His intelligent approach to solution-crafting makes him a valuable partner for clients.

Deepthy Praveen

Senior Software Engineer & Contagious Positive Thinker

Deepthy does her part in everything that makes the world a better place. She comes with oodles of positivity and spreads it around at work, in her family and the world around her.

Indra Verma

UI Designer & Perfectionist

A visual designer who lives for UI. A perfectionist who never stops until he is satisfied with the output. No compromises!

Jayashree S G

Software Engineer & Thinker

A lazy loading developer, deep thinker, hungry learner and workaholic pressure cooker who pursues her many passions in her free time.

Nithyananda Kamath

Senior Software Engineer & Explorer of Jungles

A biker, trekker, wildlife lover often found off-roading, hiking or in nature and wildlife conservation activities in the real jungles of earth. In the corporate jungle he’s found working hard in front of a computer or adding his well-rounded dynamism to project discussions. In the real jungle he’s an explorer who believes in finding solutions to any problem through nature.

Sajin Sebastian

Co-Founder & Veteran Problem-solver

Sajin is almost always found collaborating and ideating around office, finding simple solutions to complex problems. He loves music, pets, MSD, Cricket, driving in the outskirts, everything edible, the MVP concept, using technology to solve problems.

Sanjay Kumar Sharma

Software Engineer & Designer

A developer who applies a design-oriented thinking in solving user problems. A brand identity, web design, UI and UX specialist, Sanjay integrates basic design principles in front-end development to create intuitively simple and easy to use UIs.

Satheesh Kumar

Technical Lead & Organic Farmer

A full-stack specialist with a passion for building web applications. Interested in organic farming and helps others adopt farming.

Shwetha Raghavendra

HR Manager & In-house Comedian

Shwetha is the perfect HR manager filling the office up with laughs, loads of team spirit and constant chatter. Her infectiously positive spirit makes us forgive her OCDs.

Sourav Kumar

Software Engineer & Experimental Cook

Sourav loves writing code, challenges of any sort and complex cooking. His gentle and positive nature makes him the calm-bringer in office.

Swetha T M

Software Engineer & Sleep-coder

Swetha says she’s not a workaholic but she admits to sleep-coding. She loves her work place like her home and yet manages to spend more time with family, taking long drives or preparing elaborate weekend lunches.

Thanneermalai L

Co-Founder & Resident Nerd

An out-an-out tech geek who architects effective solutions to everyday technological nightmares. He likes to work on his pet projects, debate ideas, pop bubble wraps , watch TED talks and movies with an interesting script and less CG.

Zeke Lawrence

VP Sales – APAC & Musician, Photographer, Artist et cetera

Zeke has been in the industry of consulting for SaaS software with various organisations. He looks at strengthening the process of companies by making things easier, more effective and less time consuming. Loves travelling, meeting people from all over the world, music and perspective art.