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About Recruiz

What is Recruiz?

Recruiz is an applicant tracking system that makes the recruitment process faster and easier to manage, and delivers better results.

How is Recruiz different from other applicant tracking systems?

Whatever the size of your business, Recruiz has the complete automation, collaboration and intelligence features built in to help at every step from sourcing to making the offer. Recruiz has been build with the sole focus of ease of use and increase in productivity of recruitment teams.

What are the measurable results of using Recruiz?

The results are better quality of hires, reduced time and effort to hire, and better ROI through insightful metrics.

What are some of the best features of Recruiz that makes it value for money?

Automated Resume Parsing, Bulk Upload of Resumes, Candidate and Recruiter Metrics, Single-Window Collaboration and Updates, Social Sharing and Social Sourcing.

Who is Recruiz for?

Recruitment consultancies, staffing firms and corporate HR teams can use Recruiz to hire faster and better with automation, intelligence and intuition. Recruiters who manage their job functions by organizing resumes into folders, maintaining records on excel sheets and manually typing emails for communication and follow-ups should use Recruiz to automate and simplify those functions.

What is the difference if I sign up for the Agency or Corporate HR edition?

The features and functionalities are the same. The Corporate HR edition of Recruiz has a different user administration structure that allows them to manage Departments. Where as the Agencies manage Clients.


What is the Basic Plan?

The Basic Plan is for small-mid sized companies that will need to manage fewer than 25000 candidate profiles. The basic plan has all the features of Recruiz, with a maximum limit of 5 department head logins and 2 vendor logins. The price is charged per user per month.

What is the Business Plan?

The Business Plan is for mid-sized organizations and recruitment consultants who manage around 100,000 candidate profiles. The Business users get all the features of Recruiz with a limit of 10 department head logins and 5 vendor logins. The price is charged per user per month.

What is the Professional Plan?

This plan is for large organizations and recruiters with high volume of recruitment operations. The pricing is monthly, with unlimited users, unlimited candidate profiles and unlimited logins.

What is the Enterprise Edition?

Recruiz can be customized and integrated into the existing systems in your organization. The Enterprise Edition is for oganizations that are looking for an efficient, modern, easy to use applicant tracking system that can be integrated with the existing business systems.

Demo & Support

How can I see the Recruiz experience for myself?

Schedule a live demo by clicking on any of the links on the website or contacting us. We will show you a full product demo and answer any questions you may have over a web call.

What is the support available?

We offer 24 x 7 x 365 support for all users. Reach us at Regular product support queries will be resolved within 12 hours’ time. Requests for customization and special features will be turned around on a case-to-case basis.

How secure is my data?

At Recruiz, we take data security seriously. Our servers are hosted in a world class data center that is protected by 24-hour surveillance & we ensure that our application is always up-to-date with the latest security patches. All transactions are via secure 256 encrypted https connection.

How easy is it to start working with Recruiz?

Recruiz doesn’t need any special training for the user. It’s intuitively easy to use – just like using email or slack or trello!

Have any other questions?

If you have questions about Recruiz or the signup process, Please email us at and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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