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Innovative user interface

The user interface of Recruiz has been built with the idea of making it self-explanatory and easy to use even for first time ATS users, while retaining all the functionalities and complexities that an advanced ATS user would need. Be it an overview, profiles, process or metrics, ease of use and comprehension are at the core of Recruiz. The simple, intuitive and responsive UI also enables easy access across devices and screens

Automation and business intelligence at its best.

Collaborate with all stakeholders

Recruiz is designed and developed for easy, fast collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers, partners, interviewers, decision makers and most importantly, candidates. More than one recruiter or partner can communicate and interface on the platform. This fluid, transparent collaboration facilitates a quicker turnaround for closing open positions.

Personalize interview scheduling

The interview scheduling and related communication and reminders are all automated, with the option to personalize, saving a lot of time and helping everyone get organized better. Schedule interviews between candidates and interviews from within Recruiz. Stay informed via in-built mail and calendar notifications.

Streamlined and personalized communication

During the recruitment process it is important that everyone involved is updated of the status at all times. Recruiz reduces the time to bring everyone up to speed and take quick decisions and proceed to the next step by streamlining all communication. From interview scheduling to feedback collection, further communication right until the last step is managed with managed with as little as a few button clicks.

In a typical recruitment scenario, lack of communication and follow-ups are what causes delayed decision making. Recruiz makes this part of the process efficient and process, making the experience an enjoyable one for everyone.

Manage the recruitment pipeline

The easiest way to view status and manage a position is using a pipeline or job funnel. The pipeline can be customized according to how the hiring process is structured for any position. Candidates can be added to the pipeline and progressed through each step until the offer decision by simply dragging and dropping them to the next step.

Manage hiring team and stakeholders

The job functions and responsibilities of the hiring team can be managed on Recruiz, consolidating all data relevant to recruitment in one place. The HR Manager or admin user can also manage stakeholders – interview panel, decision makers, vendor etc – from the Recruiz platform, reducing a lot of the repetitive work of a recruiter.

Curious to know more?

Take a live demo with our product team to experience Recruiz first hand. They would love to understand what your specific recruitment problems are and suggest how Recruiz could help you out. If you are not looking to buy an ATS at this point, we’d still love to give you a demo to hear your feedback.