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Social Media Hiring

Today, job seekers go beyond the traditional job site drill to find companies and opportunities that set themselves apart from the bulk. Reach out to your prospects on various social media channels right from within the applicant tracking system.

Sharing is as simple as you share on social media

Maybe even simpler. Create or view a position Post to facebook, linkedin and twitter with the click of a button.

Common candidate pool

With Recruiz and the various tools it provides, you can build a common candidate pool from various avenues

  • Simply upload existing resumes into the database
  • Add newly sourced resumes at your convenience
  • Tag, rate and categorise them for easy management

Smart Resume Parsing

Managing candidate profiles in folders and constantly updating their information in sheets is cumbersome and time consuming. When you shift to an applicant tracking system that requires all candidate profiles to be converted into a database, an automated resume parser is a must. Recruiz automatically parses resumes, prepares candidate profiles and adds them to the database for easy, seamless management of candidate data and activity.

Candidate Activity Tracking

In recruiting, information is everything. Recruiz tracks all activity related to candidates. Besides providing data for analytics and measurement, this also helps form a qualitative, long term assessment of candidates, spot patterns in their behavior and develop predictive hiring techniques.

Intelligent Search and Filtering

Recruiz studied real life recruitment needs, scenarios and pressures to develop an advanced search and filtering mechanism that not only matches profiles with the criteria you set, but also shows you the top quality results for any query. Recruiz uses historical candidate data to maintain an internal candidate rating system. This, combined with the intelligent, intuitive search gives you a top notch candidate filtering system that gets the best profiles into the job funnel.

Curious to know more?

Take a live demo with our product team to experience Recruiz first hand. They would love to understand what your specific recruitment problems are and suggest how Recruiz could help you out. If you are not looking to buy an ATS at this point, we’d still love to give you a demo to hear your feedback.