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Meaningful metrics and reports

Every movement and activity is valuable data for Recruiz. You get better insights from meaningful metrics like Source of Hire, Time to Hire, Open Requisition Stats etc. that will help you take better decisions on where to spend your time and money.

Strategize your hiring requirements and process

Once you start seeing the data analytics you will get a better understanding of the efficacy of various channels, processes, resource utilization, time spent and success ratio of channels and processes that will help fine tune your process for better results. Data is addictive and once it starts giving you ideas, it also lets you implement and monitor faster and arrive at strategies that work better for your business.

Improve quality of hires

Recruiz has the features to help improve the quality of hires right from the first use. In the short run, the search, filtering, tagging, tracking and ultimate collaboration tools ensure that at each stage there is a whole-round appraisal of candidates, so that towards the end the decision makers meet just the top notch of them. In the long run too, with the help of data and metrics, you will be able to do channel, spend and process optimization to improve the overall quality of candidates.

Measure team performance

Track and measure individual recruiter performance to identify your team members’ core strengths and delegate tasks better. Get meaningful insights and data driven performance reports to give them feedback, plan your team structure, map roles and assign portfolios that complement their strengths.

Curious to know more?

Take a live demo with our product team to experience Recruiz first hand. They would love to understand what your specific recruitment problems are and suggest how Recruiz could help you out. If you are not looking to buy an ATS at this point, we’d still love to give you a demo to hear your feedback.